Learning paths

The European Patent Academy's online training catalogue offers two different types of learning path:

(a) self-paced courses – these are freely accessible to you 24/7, as user of our learning platform. Register, go through the content as often as you like, and test your knowledge with the quizzes provided.

(b) tutored courses – these have a timed pace, with accompanying webinars in many cases, quizzes, practical examples and forums to chat with our experts.

Browse the list and enrol for the course that best suits your needs.

Practice is the key to your preparations for Paper D of the EQE, so the Academy is offering you the chance to hone your legal skills by tackling a daily question on the paper. The questions, formerly provided by DeltaPatents, will be posted weekly, for a 12-week period running from October to December. There will be a dedicated entry for each question where you can post your answer. An experienced EQE tutor will comment on the questions (and your answers) every Friday.

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